Platinum Casino

Platinum Casino, Ploiesti, Romania; project and photo by Vadim Ionescu

The winning interiors of Platinum Casino in Ploiesti are embellished with the beauty of Corian® solid surface.

Amidst casino closings caused by the ongoing economic crisis, Romania’s Platinum Casino has opened an additional casino situated in Ploiesti. A project conceived by Romanian architect Vadim Ionescu, the alluring environment of the new Platinum Casino welcomes its guests to be entertained, excited and spoiled.

Fluid shapes, curved lines, outrageous lighting details and fanciful highlights make up the interior design focus of the Platinum Casino. The distinctive and dazzling key elements of Platinum Casino are made possible by the versatile properties of Corian® solid surfaces, fabricated and installed by Ekero Concept, a leading fabricator of Corian® solid surface in Romania.

Two contrasting main elements dominate the entrance hall: a sober front desk and an eye-catching wall. The cubic front desk, made with Corian® solid surface in Glacier White, is refined with delicate inlays of the Platinum Casino logo in copper and stainless steel, which creates a counterpoint to the wall nearby. The mysterious spell of this wall is created using dark Corian® in Nocturne and the uncountable pin points of light devised with optical fibre inserts, resembling millions of stars in the night sky. This lighting forms a fascinating setting for the backlit Platinum Casino logo, composed of inserts of thermoformed elements of Corian® solid surface in translucent Arctic White.

The main area of the casino, situated on the lower floor, opens up with the same “night sky” wall in Corian® Nocturne, providing visual continuity to the two levels. Two bar counters dominate the environment. Made with Corian® in Glacier White and Nocturne, the bar tops are decorated with stainless steel inserts that wind through the space in smoothly curved lines.

The slightly curved counter of the snack bar uses the stainless steel trim incorporated into the Corian® white cladding to create a bold and dynamic setting. The back wall, also decorated with the defining steel inserts, features a Corian® surface covering in delicate translucent Mint Ice.

Architect Vadim Ionesco chose Corian® solid surface as a primary material for his creation knowing that the high-end finishes, sophisticated details and customised elements would provide the exclusive environment that the Platinum Casino demands. Corian® is flexible, has an appealing range of opaque and translucent colours, and can combine with other materials such as optical fibre. With such a versatile material and the knowledge that his designs would be carried out by the excellent skills of Ekero Concept, a leading laboratory in Romania, the architect knew his design dreams could come true.

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