Radisson Hotel Restaurant Design

Corian® solid surface can be found through the Radisson SAS Hotel in the restaurant design, furniture designs, and public spaces.

Corian® solid surface and DuPont SentryGlas® Expressions at the Radisson SAS hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

It is Germany’s only rotund hotel. With its circular facade, the Radisson SAS offers an attractive addition to Frankfurt’s cityscape. Designed by three well-known designers - John Seifert (London), Matteo Thun (Milan) and Adam Tihany (New York) – the hotel exterior is not its only outstanding feature. Custom-made interior design attracts attention in many areas due to the use of Corian® solid surfaces and DuPont SentryGlas® Expressions technology for decorative laminated glass.

Combining superior functional and aesthetic qualities, Corian® solid surfaces are well suited for commercial applications. Impressive oversized tables and counters in the brasserie and restaurant feature smooth surfaces, thanks to the material’s inconspicuous seams. Corian® is also easily combined with other materials. Vanilla-coloured table tops made of Corian® contrast beautifully with the nearly black look of Macassar Ebony wood. In the main restaurant, the stainless steel stand of an 8 metre Corian® solid surface table top reflects the cool metallic look of the walls.

All areas of the restaurant design, especially the hot buffet and the refrigeration unit, benefit from the easy-to-clean properties of the nonporous material. The smooth material is a durable surface that resists the high wear and tear of public spaces. Scratches and cuts can be removed and more serious damage can generally be repaired on-site, saving this busy hotel time and effort.

Corian® solid surface meets the desire to integrate the hotel’s circular façade into the interior design. For example, a vanity stand with sinks milled in the shape of semi-circles, rotund restaurant buffets looking like huge serving dishes, as well as round dining tables were created. The solid material can be fabricated like wood and can embrace nearly any shape: edges can be softly rounded, and surfaces can be engraved or sand-blasted with intricate designs. Also, Corian® is translucent, a quality which influenced the design of the restaurant tables. An integrated light source in the table stand illuminates the core of the table top and is seen on the surface as a slight glow.

The reception counter on the first floor offers the seamless look of a monolith in shining red.

The hotel’s main staircase displays special effects of colour and decoration, thanks to DuPont SentryGlas® Expressions. This DuPont material allows the interlayer of a laminated glass solution to be printed with many different designs. Designers of the Radisson hotel chose refreshing stripes combining pleasant colours with transparency. 

These exceptional public areas complement the 428 rooms and suites styled in four different ways – “At home,” “Chic,” “Fashion” and “Fresh”. With all the comforts for business and leisure, the Radisson SAS’s interior design creates a unique travelling experience. An experience in part carried out due to the versatility of Corian® solid surface.