Corian® Solid Surface for Gandel Wing, Cabrini Hospital

Cabrini has officially opened its new $120 million clinical building, the Gandel Wing, at Cabrini Malvern. The building’s completion signifies the end of nine years of planning and development to improve Cabrini’s facilities and provide an exceptional patient experience.

Designed by renowned architects Bates Smart and built by Kane Constructions, the Gandel Wing features the latest in cutting-edge design, urban amenity and modern technology to serve the needs of patients into the future.

The seven storey building will accommodate patients in the specialty areas of cancer, cardiac, maternity, geriatric care, emergency and infectious diseases. It incorporates a new radiotherapy facility, located four levels below ground, with a linear accelerator to deliver radiation therapy to patients. This is the latest advancement in stereotactic radiation therapy and enables high doses of targeted radiation to treat multiple tumours in a much shorter period of time, sparing healthy tissue and often offering better overall survival and quality of life for patients.

Corian® Solid Surface used in reception desk and nurse station. Photography by Peter Clarke, all rights reserved.

Corian® Solid Surface was chosen for its anti-microbial properties, its ability to be moulded into robust shapes, its inherent strength and excellent colour range. This project has set a new standard for healthcare and Corian® was instrumental in achieving this level of quality.

Corian® Solid Surface basins were used in custom benchtops in patient bedrooms. Photography by Peter Clarke, all rights reserved.

Corian® Solid Surface was used predominately on reception desks and patient bedrooms. At reception points the ability to combine colour and form in a seamless manner created an intuitive zone of interaction with staff. Within the bedroom off the shelf Corian® Solid Surface basins were used in custom benchtops, integrated glove dispensers and lift up panels to conceal a variety of hand washing paraphernalia. The baby bath and change station with integrated bins and nappy storage.


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Corian® Solid Surface Colors: Glacier White, Elegant Grey

Applications: Nurses Station; Integrated Baby Baths In-room; Vanity Wash Stations

Design By: Mark Healey of Bates Smart

Fabrication: S & A Cabinets

Photography: Peter Clarke

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