Yes! hairdressing salons with Corian® Charging Surface

Thanks to Corian® Charging Surface, clients at Yes! hairdressing salons can simply place their smartphone or tablet on the elegant Corian® worksurface to get their device charged. Photo by Ruud Peijnenburg for Corian®, all rights reserved.

How convenient would it be to go to the hairdressers and have your smartphone or tablet charged wirelessly during your appointment? Now at Yes! Worldwide Salons you can. This innovative hairdressing brand has fitted the latest Corian® Charging Surface to its luxury styling units in its glamorous salons.

“At Yes! you always get more than you expect,” says Mareno de Kort, founder and co-owner of the chain of 53 hairdressing salons. “While you’re having your hair done, you normally just have to sit still while, at the same time, your smartphone or tablet is running out of charge. But we’re doing something about that. All you need to do is put your device on the charging spot of the dressing table in front of you and, while your hairdresser attends to you, your device will be charged. So you can leave with both beautiful hair and fully charged batteries.”

The state-of-the-art induction charging technology has been carefully concealed within the table surface. When a smartphone or a tablet touches the recharging spot on the Corian® Charging Surface, the induced current is transferred through the table and charges the batteries. A green light shows that the device is being charged and when the batteries are full, the charging will stop automatically. The eleven dressing tables in each Yes! salon have been equipped with a charging spot made with Corian® Charging Surface.

While Yes! Worldwide Salons usually feature white décor, the company has this time opted for the very darkest, classic shade of black: DuPontCorian® high-tech surface in the Deep Nocturne colour. 

A fascinating, elegant deep black tone, Deep Nocturne is one of the 14 colours made with the DeepColour Technology, a manufacturing process that enables DuPont to create richer, deeper, darker and more durable dark colours with an improved resistance to wear and better workability. Customers at the Yes! Worldwide Salons enjoy gliding their fingers over the velvety-soft dressing table surface beneath the mirror. In addition, the counter at the reception and the coffee corner have also been finished in DuPontCorian®, Deep Nocturne tone. The elegant black surface of Corian® gives a beautiful elegance to the modern Yes! salons and forms a captivating contrast with the wood and steel already used in the spaces. 

While a wide range of smartphones already have the wireless charging technology that allows them to charge by being placed on Corian® Charging Surface, for other models, there is an easy-to-use charging ring which, when attached to the device, allows it to charge wirelessly as well. 

“Quite soon all smartphones and tablets will be equipped with wireless charging technology and Corian® Charging Surface is going to be a great solution. It can also be incorporated into existing DuPontCorian® work surfaces. This is something which is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or for offices and public areas,” predicts Jan van Opdorp, senior project manager of HEMI Store Interiors, which installed the dressing tables in the Yes! Worldwide Salons in collaboration with the client.

The Corian® Charging Surface has a dual charger that is compatible with both the standard systems that are currently on the market.

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