Architectural Lighting Design

American Standard Hallway Design Corian® was thermo-formed curved, three-dimensional panels, with moulding custom-designed for perfect alignment.

Dennis Posen, Rick Rubin, Lori Klein— Posen, Rubin & Rotman Architects Fabricator, Eagle Fabrication Inc.


  • Designing a unique floor-to-ceiling lighting system for an elevator lobby in a modern corporate environment.
  • Creating a dimensional, sculptural, hallway lighting system that can stand up to high traffic.
  • Selecting a surface material with translucent qualities ideal for backlighting.


  • Choosing a material that can be custom-moulded to fit complicated curves, tapered edges and other unique design requirements.
  • Finding a surface material that is both beautiful and highly functional and that can be attached to metal framework.
  • Meeting the extreme dimensions of the oversized fixtures requires custom seam work.


  • Versatile Corian® solid surface was thermo-formed into beautiful, curved, three-dimensional panels, with moulding custom-designed for perfect alignment.
  • Corian® was available in the colours and patterns necessary to achieve an elegant, slightly marblised effect for this oversized application.
  • The translucency of Corian® surfaces was ideal for backlighting—giving off plenty of light in a high-traffic area, yet diffusing the light to achieve the desired effects.


  • Corian® is an extremely versatile, flexible surface that can be easily thermo-formed, backlit or seamed to meet the requirements of intricate custom designs.
  • With a wide range colours and aesthetics, Corian® offers endless design options in both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Durable Corian® is stain- and fade-resistant, renewable and requires little maintenance—ideal for withstanding daily workplace traffic.

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