Corian® for Retail Design

When today’s most adventurous architects and designers tackle retail interiors, you’ll find Corian® artfully deployed across a wide range of applications, including checkout counters, food service areas, wall cladding, furniture, display cases, gaming tables, and restrooms.

Consider the Humble Reception Counter

Corian® solid surface is a smart and sensible choice for reception counters, but today’s designers know that humble need have nothing to do with it. Corian® material is a shape-shifter, capable of being heated and formed into extraordinary flowing expanses of surface. The texture and colour options are endless. It can be as seductive to the touch as it is beguiling to the eye. Yet, it’s the ideal retail environment performer. Nonporous Corian® solid surface, when properly cleaned, does not harbour the growth of mould or mildew. It stands up to the rigors of heavy traffic. It’s renewable, and enduring, yet it can be as bold or whimsical or innovative as your most ambitious designs.

Versatile, Beautiful, and Up for Any Challenge

In retail spaces, Corian® combines versatility with practicality. It can be formed to fit tight areas or create dramatic impressions. Because it is solid all the way through, it can be inlaid or carved to showcase store logos. Because certain colours are translucent, it can be backlit to add visual impact. Corian® solid surface can be used to create indoor or outdoor store fronts, signage and wall cladding, counter and checkout areas, and display cases for virtually any kind of retail environment.

Other Uses & Applications