Operating theatres of Raphael Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel: Corian® Solid Surface helps to deliver safety for patients and optimal conditions for medical teams.

June 2022 - Raphael Hospital in Tel Aviv is Israel’s finest, high-tech private hospital and is committed to providing excellent patient care as well as the gold standard of hospital environment. To accomplish this the most recent, cutting-edge technological solutions are utilised. Raphael’s operating rooms have been built to provide the highest level of patient safety and the best conditions for the medical teams. All 13 operating rooms are equipped with the latest and most innovative medical devices and healthcare technology, and the walls are clad with panels made with Corian® Solid Surface, which contributes to the functionality and the hygiene of the space.

Surgery room at Raphael Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel: the wall cladding in Corian® Solid Surface helps to meet the highest safety performance in hospital environments; design and fabrication by Operamed; photo Operamed, all rights reserved.

The original structure of the building was built in the ‘80s and was far from being able to become a hospital offering advanced medical care in a luxurious environment. Therefore, Raphael Hospital initiated an exceptional project that brought together the hospital management team, designers, architects, and the local contractor to overcome the complex needs of this structure.

Raphael Hospital hired Operamed, an Italian company specialising in building critical areas of hospitals, such as intensive care units, surgery rooms, and laboratories. Operamed selected materials with the highest aesthetic and functional performance. Corian® Solid Surface was chosen for wall cladding for its properties and performance: it is a solid, seamless, low-VOC material, which helps create hygienic, easy to clean and sanitise spaces. The internal corridors are in wood-effect HPL with glass inserts, to ensure privacy and the highest levels of quality.

Carlo Busolin, International Sales Director at Operamed, explains: “The planning and design of the operating rooms was carried out entirely by the design department of Operamed. Even the smallest detail was taken into consideration. The Sterilisation department has been realised with prefabricated panels in painted stainless steel. All the rooms ensure the highest standards of airtightness and noise reduction. We selected Corian® Solid Surface for wall cladding for the operating blocks, due to its unbeatable qualities in the prevention of microbial spread. Dirt and stains do not penetrate the material, and its seamless nature prevents mould, germs, and viruses from growing. The hygienic performance and the stability against bacteria of Corian® Solid Surface are certified, and are aligned with all European standards. We use it in all of our projects as it meets the highest demand of healthcare standards.”

Operamed designed the whole 5,000 square metre project through Building Information Modelling (BIM) - an advanced digital design process that uses a single software resulting in a considerable reduction of the time between design and production. The parts were all produced at the company’s laboratory in Padova and built with millimetric precision including around 400 square metres of wall cladding made with Corian® Solid Surface. The transportation and assembly were completed without requiring any on-site adjustment. The supply and installation process of this extraordinary project took only 15 months.

Surgery room at Raphael Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel: the wall cladding in Corian® Solid Surface helps to meet the highest safety performance in hospital environments; design and fabrication by Operamed; photo Operamed, all rights reserved.

Raphael Hospital https://www.raphaelhospitals.co.il is Israel’s finest, high tech private hospital. The hospital is committed to providing excellent patient care as well as the gold standard of hospital environment. To accomplish this, it partners with the best physicians and uses the most cutting-edge technology. Raphael’s operating rooms have been built to provide optimal circumstances for medical teams and patient safety. They are fully equipped with the latest healthcare equipment, including the Mako robot for joint operations, the Da Vinci robot, and much more.

Operamed is a leading Italian company that designs, supplies and installs medical prefabricated systems for critical hospital areas. Operamed's holistic approach to the creation of specialised environments such as operating rooms, intensive care units, wards, diagnostic departments, dental clinics and clean rooms is based on the innovative Truespace prefabrication system. In addition, thanks to the experience gained over the years, Operamed is able to design and supply all facility services, technical furniture and electro-medical equipment.

Corian® Solid Surface is a non-porous, seamless, low-VOC material which helps creating hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect Healthy Spaces. Its surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material, and its seamless look of integrated Corian® worktops, counters, sinks, and coved backsplashes means there are no crevices to trap and grow mould, germs and viruses. This simplifies cleaning, sanitising and routine maintenance. Low VOC - as a low-VOC material, Corian® Solid Surface is free from dangerous chemicals and hence supports better indoor air quality and Green Building certification.

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