Corian® Design Through Collaboration

"Mexican Bedroom", Styled by Antonio Marras in collaboration with Paolo Bazzani. Fabrication of props, Aurora Nitti and Marco Scaratti. Shelves in Corian® (colours: Grape Green, Citrus Orange, Linen, Mint Ice, Lime Ice, Royal Red). Bed in Corian® (Deep Black Quartz colour). Fabrication of Corian® by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. Photo by Filippo Pincolini.

Working together to push the limits, architects, designers, artists, and DuPont are making Corian® solid surface redefine what is possible.

Creative people across the globe understand that Corian® solid surface is its own design material category. It’s able to be thermoformed, yet durable, affording an assortment of colour riches and lighting effects. It’s restorable, sustainable, and inimitable.

Designers are always dreaming up ever more Corian® design possibilities for this remarkably tough yet versatile surfacing material. And DuPont is committed to working with these architects and designers to make sure the innovation from science can make the creative innovation become reality. Corian® solid surface can be cut, routed, sandblasted, engraved or carved, moulded or thermoformed, inlaid or backlit. But like designers and architects, Corian® is never satisfied with the status quo.

Other Uses & Applications