Sheets of bench coverings in Corian® Solid Surface for the cafeteria of the Telekom Headquarters in Bonn

The cafeteria of the Telekom Headquarters in Bonn (Germany) has been modernized to include benches with an overlay made of Corian® Solid Surface. Project by KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER; fabrication of Corian® Solid Surface by Hasenkopf; photo Constantin Meyer Photography / Innenarchitektur KEGGENHOFF, all rights reserved.

October 2019 – The cafeteria in the Telekom Headquarters in Bonn (Germany) has been completely modernized. Interior design and architecture firm KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER from Arnsberg-Neheim, designed the company restaurant to provide a pleasant and practical ambience for Telekom’s 2800 employees and its visitors. The formal layout of the project has a clean style and is inviting, based on a concept that promotes communication and functionality which are also expressed by the choice of materials that combines traditional solutions such as wood, with trendsetting ones such as Corian® Solid Surface. The design of the new cafeteria greatly impressed the German Design Council which subsequently awarded it with the 2019 German Design Award.

The modern interior design of the Telekom cafeteria by KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER was aimed at constructing more than just a place to eat. They wanted to create an area for communication, a meeting place that would set new standards for the company's employees in terms of visual impact and sociable atmosphere.

Wide seating benches are the core element of this approach. Their horizontal and flat design includes a Corian® Solid Surface overlay. Thanks to its thermoformability, this innovative surfacing material has been extended and folded to resemble sheets of linen. The pure white colour of the Corian® emphasizes this visual impression and creates a definite contrast with the tonalities of the surrounding environment.

In addition to Corian® Solid Surface, the chromatic range of the cafeteria is characterised by the use of aluminium and porcelain stoneware. Stone-grey, metallic and single tone surfaces interact with the Glacier White colour of Corian® and also refer to the colours and technological core activities of the company. The use of oak wood, with its naturally warm texture and grain, complements the innovative appearance of the other technical materials used in the design of the dining area and creates an emotional balance.

The cafeteria of the Telekom Headquarters in Bonn (Germany) has been modernized to include benches with an overlay made of Corian® Solid Surface. Project: KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER; fabrication of Corian® Solid Surface by Hasenkopf Photo: Constantin Meyer Photography / Interior architecture KEGGENHOFF, all rights reserved


The main idea for the design of the Telekom Headquarters cafeteria was to connect the two entrance areas and form a clear axis. The flow of movement has been channelled to create three distinctive areas with spaces for dining, seating and service. Different ceiling heights in the area give the interior a dynamic effect that is reflected in the room layout and in the details, with the smoothly draped Corian® Solid Surface of the benches.

Corian® Solid Surface was chosen for the design of the seating solutions because of its thermoformability and the possibility to create seamless, large surfaces with invisible joints. In addition, it features longevity, emission-free properties, colour fastness and resistance to stains and scratches. Over the years, if an intensive use should damage the material, its surface can be treated and repaired on site.

The fabrication of Corian® Solid Surface has been made by Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf (, an Industrial Partner of the Corian® Quality Network based in Mehring, with world-class technical know-how and experience.

KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER ( – Prof. Dipl. Ing. Sabine Keggenhoff and Dipl. Ing. Michael Than are the managing directors of KEGGENHOFF I PARTNER. The work by KEGGENHOFF | PARTNER on behalf of clients in Germany and abroad is driven by goal-oriented, expressive and functional designs. The company’s main task is the development and production of overall concepts in the areas of interior and corporate design, and architecture.

Projects of all sizes are handled with exemplary flexibility and find a balance between concept, design and technical implementation. Many renowned awards reflect the extremely high quality of the company's work.

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