Low-maintenance Countertops

Popeye’s Low-maintenance Countertop Design. Architect: In-house Director of Architecture John Dawson, Fabricator: N. Wasserstrom & Sons


  • Selecting a low-maintenance surface that can be easily repaired and has no visible seams
  • Designing attractive transaction and beverage counters, as well as serving tray receptacles strong enough for constant use
  • Creating an environment consistent with the corporate image and true to Popeye’s New Orleans heritage


  • Specifying an easy-to-clean, stain-, spill- and impact-resistant surface that is food service code-compliant
  • Choosing a high-performing material that stands up to heavy traffic, minimising repair and maintenance costs
  • Finding an easily fabricated surfacing material that complements the company’s décor


  • Corian® solid surface is installed in areas where food routinely comes into contact with the surface
  • Unlike other surface materials, with Corian®, stubborn stains and minor scratches can be removed with ordinary abrasives and cleansers
  • Available in a wide range of colours, Corian® helps create a signature look that can easily be extended to other franchise locations


  • Corian® is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for food contact, making it extremely practical for commercial food service applications
  • Virtually seamless, Corian® allows for hard-use areas to be restored to their original appearance
  • Corian® offers endless design options and coordinates easily with other design materials

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