FRESH&GO "eco bar" Counter Design

The FRESH&GO Eco bar adopts Corian® for the surfaces of its furnishing solutions. Design and photo by Yaroslav Galant innovative design®, all rights reserved.

Corian® is entering the arena of "eco design": in Kiev the recently opened first eco-bar of FRESH&GO chain features - Corian® as a basic material for the surfaces of its furnishing solutions. Ukrainian designer, Yaroslav Galant (Yaroslav Galant innovative design®) is the author of this design concept. 

The ergonomic counter of the eco bar is made of Corian®, (in the Designer White color), which is notable for its perfect modern aesthetics and high hygiene properties. Owing to the high indices of durability and ease of forming of Corian®, the designer fashioned the counter base with a texture that evokes associations with cracked ice and Japanese art of origami. The technology of seamless junction by Corian® makes the surface look ideal in comparison with the natural stone, as all the places which are typically getting dirty – usually they are seams, joints or natural pores of the material – are absent here (which also distinguishes it among similar materials). The interesting mix of properties of Corian® – hardness, resistance, durability and repairability –enables it to maintain its initial state for a long time, which is quite important for a place with high passability. 

“The design concept was inspired by the natural phenomena that cause the most pleasant associations – crystal clear ice, mountains and fresh greenery. White color and quotations from the Japanese culture of origami lead to one of the main practices of Zen philosophy – awareness of each moment,” the designer says about his project.


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