Maritimo House

The brief was to create a centerpiece of functional artwork within a heritage listed Brisbane residential Home. Two staircases were constructed with Corian® cladding.

Corian® Solid Surface was chosen for several reasons:

1. Complex thermal forming.

2. Seamless hidden glue joints.

3. Workability of the product surrounding custom profiling elements allowing a very organic and tactile staircase to be created, and in particular the splayed and twisted handrail / balustrade capping.

4. Durability of product.

5. Superior product giving a look and feel not achievable by any other material.

The stair structure was constructed from CNC cut mass timber elements, fabricated in-house, which was the first time this style of staircase structure has been done by Arden. The accuracy of the CNC cut sub-structure allowed the pre-formed Corian® Solid Surface balustrade elements to attach to the staircase with little to no site modification works. With a staircase of the shape and profile, accuracy from the start to end was paramount.

Corian® Glacier White used in staircases; Designed by Conrad Gargett Architects, photography by David Wilson, all rights reserved.

Beautiful in function and form, Corian® Solid Surface has surpassed the client’s expectations thanks to the processing potential of Corian® Solid Surface especially surrounding the tight internal radius bends to the balustrade and the thermal twisting of the handrail capping.

More information about Maritimo House

Corian® Solid Surface Colour (s): Glacier White

Applications: Staircase

Design By: Conrad Gargett Architects

Fabrication: Arden Architectural

Photography: David Wilson