Corian® for Exterior Cladding

Villa New Water, Westland, the Netherlands, finished in solid surface DuPont™Corian® in the colour Cameo White Architect and photography: Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

Beauty Meets Versatility with Corian® for Exterior Cladding

Corian® for exterior cladding brings personality to virtually any type of environment, enhancing and facilitating the lives of those who use and enjoy its unique potential. It can be crafted into almost any shape, for any place, for any purpose, and is available in a wide range of colours, offering you the freedom to design, explore, and create. Long-lasting, durable, and elegant, Corian® exterior cladding panels have a three-dimensional formability that has been liberating inventive and artistic minds for over 40 years.

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