A Colourful Kitchen Renovation with Corian® Solid Surface

Corian® solid surface for a colourful kitchen, inspired by traditional Basque fabrics

Architect Jean-Jacques Marvielle decided to use a "Bayadere" style for the renovation of a traditional Basque home situated on the banks of Arcachon (southern Atlantic coast of France). The multi-coloured, wide striped fabrics of Basque textile traditions inspired the unifying thread of this project that provided an exemplary canvas to demonstrate the design versatility offered by Corian® solid surface and its many colours. The distinctive "Bayadere" character of the kitchen is recreated on the countertops, sink, cooking area, cabinets and central table, as well as the wall cladding. The specific arrangement of colour bands between the sink and the countertop and between the countertop and the cabinet required meticulous skill. 

A large sheet was created using calibrated coloured bands of Corian® solid surface material glued together, with special attention paid to the shade of glue used so as to avoid the mixture of colours. The large "Bayadere" patterned sheet was then cut, assembled and glued to create the worktop, borders, cupboard and sink. A single sheet as the starting point for all kitchen elements allowed a perfect match between the coloured bands.
The architect Jean-Jacques Marvielle, was pleased with the result, “We obtained a unique and innovative product: Corian® it delivers a feeling of longevity, which is very appreciated in kitchen. The countertop and table borders reinforce this impression. The strength of the material, the possibility to obtain round shapes, the absence of visible seams, the uniform colours and the artistic freedom are all qualities that led to the choice of using this material. The independent functions of “water” and “fire” face each other. The central table is the element that connects these two windows of polychromatic light, framed by gray painted cabinets.”

Architect: Jean-Jacques Marvielle – 17 Avenue Du Parc Pereiere, 33120 Arcachon, France