Everyday Extraordinary

Experience the new aesthetics of Corian® Solid Surface

Making “everyday extraordinary” is the ambition of Corian® Solid Surface with aesthetics that move beyond mere surfaces to create a sense of place, of experience, and captivating style. With the modern needs of residential and commercial spaces reconsidered and modified, designs must appeal to the desire for beauty and the need for durability; qualities the new introductions have in abundance.

New looks, combined with the powerful qualities of Corian® Solid Surface, have been created for dazzling options. Carrara and Artista aesthetics as well as Sparkling Granita and Sand Storm colours take design in unique new directions, encompassing high performance and high-level beauty.

If you are an architect or a designer, you can request the sample box of the new colours of Corian® Solid Surface using the promotional code CORIAN2021. Click here to request the sample box.


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