Shape the future in darker colours

Deepen your palette with new Corian® DeepColour Technology

Richer, darker colours allow designers, architects and fabricators to achieve tones they never thought were possible using Corian®. See what they are making, moulding and milling now.


Deeper Cutting

"We normally work with metals and other very reflective materials. Before we made the final desk, we laid the tiles out on the floor of our studio and saw the effect of the reflection. We were blown away by the ability to make intricate profiles and have them all reflect light." Giles Miller, Giles Miller Studio


Consistent Colour

"Making an integrated vanity and basin in a dark colour relies on a material that can be thermoformed without showing whitening at the radius points. Corian® Deep Nocturne retains depth of colour, enabling designers and fabricators to create curves and shapes in a wider palette." Eddy Verschueren, Global Technical Marketing Manager.


More Polish, Less Sanding

"Cutting Edge used high pressure techniques to thermoform the pressed tiles for the 100% Design stand, maintaining the geometry and without the need for extensive polishing." Philip Hutfield, Technical Design Consultant /Design Consultant at McD Marketing


More Durable, Less visible scratching

"By making scratches less visible and reducing impact whitening, DeepColour Technology enables a more sophisticated approach and offers new possibilities for forming through its "depth" of colour." Christian Ghion, Ghion Studio