An Unlimited Palette of Possibilities

Corian® custom colours, sheets and shapes give free reign to your creativity.

We believe your creativity should never be limited for want of that perfect shade. Give us a colour sample, a fabric strip, a paint chip, a logo, a colour code – whatever you are trying to match – and we'll make a sample colour plaque for your evaluation.

Once you approve the lab sample and place your order, lead times range from eight to twelve weeks, depending upon the volume and complexity of the order, and the level of demand.

Custom sheets and shapes provide further creative possibilities as well as optimising material utilisation and minimising waste and costs. Corian® offers a broad choice of sheet thicknesses and dimensions and is also able to create bespoke shapes on the basis of your particular designs.

Designers need options, and the more the better. With Corian® sinks and inlays, your installation options are varied and numerous.

Corian® sinks can be undermounted or beveled, mounted flush or stepped down. With a backsplash or without. And with our large selection of edge treatments and inlays, the possibilities are myriad.


To find out more about customised solutions for Corian®, please contact us.