Uses & Applications

Corian® for Bathroom Basins
Whether you create your own or choose a prefabricated Corian® bathroom basin for your project, you can count on lasting style, functionality, durability, stain resistance and easy care.
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Corian® for Bathroom Countertops
Corian® surfaces offer an attractive visual focal point for your bathroom designs, while their warm touch and resistance to mould and mildew create an inviting, easy to live with environment.
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Corian® for Reception Counters
A first impression is a lasting impression. So make sure to leave the right one with reception counters made with Corian® solid surface.
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Corian® for Interior Wall Surfaces
Wall panels and partitions realised in Corian® solid surface offer designers and architects the opportunity for extravagant flights of creative expression.
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Corian® for Hospitality
Corian® distinguishes some of the most innovative contemporary hospitality and hotel designs. Leading international project designers use Corian® to make surfaces beautiful, ultra-functional and comfortable for hotel guests.
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