Corian® Charging Surface FAQs
Below are compiled answers about Corian® Charging Surface, how it works, device compatibility, and more. All the basics can be found here. If you require more details, visit our Technical Specs page or use the Contact Us link to the right for more info

Please note, ‘devices’ refer to mobile phones and small tablets

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless power, also known as inductive coupling, uses narrow magnetic fields that are a natural part of how electrical current moves through wires. It starts by creating a magnetic field around a hidden electrical coil. The receiving device has a hidden coil that can receive the magnetic energy created, thereby transferring power wirelessly.

Is Corian® Charging Surface compatible with the pma or Qi version of wireless charging?

We offer multiple versions of charging solutions within the Corian® Charging Surface product family. Our Wireless Charging unit has dual-compatibility, meaning it is compatible with both PMA and Qi standards. The Powermat® wireless charging rings support PMA standards.

What do I need to do to charge my device using a Corian® charging surface?

Some smartphones already include built-in support for wireless charging. If your smartphone does not have this capability, a package of Powermat® Wireless Charging Rings can be ordered with the Wireless Charging unit or a Qi compatible case specifically designed for wireless charging can be used. Qi Cases are readily available for example at IKEA stores, on Amazon or other electronic retailers.

Does DuPont offer an adapter for my existing devices?

DuPont offers a Powermat® Wireless Charging Ring which acts as an adapter. It comes in several different variations depending on the type of device you have. The Ring is plugged into your device’s charging port and acts as a receiver of the magnetic energy created by the technology embedded in the Corian® solid surface. Customers can visit our website at to learn the latest news on compatibility.

Are all Powermat® charging rings compatible with Corian® Charging Surface?

Only the most recent PMA-3 type of rings are compatible with Corian® Charging Surface. Older rings or cases will not work with the charging spot.

Is wireless charging faster than wired charging?

Wireless charging receivers will charge your phone at approximately the same rate as wired charging.

Can I charge other devices besides smartphones?

Yes, Corian® Charging Surface uses technology that is ready for mid–power charging. When combined with today available charging accessories, it can be used to support smartphones and other devices, such as small tablets. Larger tablets may charge, but at a much slower rate. Once accessories come available for mid–power, large tablets can be charged more easily.

Can a laptop be charged?

No. A laptop requires higher energy to charge, so it either may fail to charge at all or will charge at a much slower rate. However, Corian® Charging Surface has scalable technology and has the ability to upgrade to laptop compatibility when this technology becomes available.

Is it normal that the Corian® surface is heating up?

Indeed it’s normal that the surface is heating up just like your mobile is getting warmer when you charge it with a normal charger.

How close does my device need to be to the charging spot to charge wirelessly?

The device must be directly on top of the charging spot. This ensures that the transmitter in the charging spot and the receiver in the device can transmit power. As with wired charging, the device will show that it is charging through an icon or light.

Can I use my phone while it’s charging?

Yes, provided it is within range of the charging spot.

How many devices can be charged at once?

One device can be charged per charging spot.

Is the installation of the Corian® Charging Surface covered by the 10-year limited installed warranty?

No, the Corian® Charging Surface has a 2 year warranty, for product only. Installation is not covered. 

Is the charging spot covered by a warranty?

The charging spot is covered by a 2 year-product warranty. Customers can visit our website at to learn more on the product warranty.

What is covered by the 2 year product warranty?

The product warranty covers the replacement of the charging unit. This means the unit will be replaced if found defective. The customer will need to do the swap-out himself and ship the defective device to the Centralized Warranty Centre in Belgium. They can be contacted by email:

Why is there a micro usb connection in the charging spot?

The charging spot has a micro USB port for updating the firmware if necessary.If so, the firmware upgrade will be made available on

Can the charger be hard wired into the electricity supply?

No, you always need a transformer. The unit works with low voltage like other electronic equipment: PC, tablet etc. No direct connection to 230V is possible.

How do I know that my charging spot is working properly?

After plugging in the power, the green LED from the charging spot should flash on few times and then stay solid.

How do I know that my charging powermat ring is working properly?

When placed on the charging spot, the green LED from the ring should light up and the charging battery sign on your smartphone should appear.

How do I find out if my smart device is compatible?

This depends on whether the phone either already has in-built wireless charging compatibility, or whether a suitable charging case or ring can be purchased. The user manual of the phone/tablet should indicate if the device is ready for wireless charging and which standard it’s compatible with.

Has the Corian® Charging Surface device been electrically certified?

The unit is CE certified and compliant will all Electrical regulations.